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On the Deus that is Democracy.....

"In our own time, we treat political heretics harshly and cruelly, but because we have learned to believe in the necessity of the state we are not as sensitive to this cruelty as we are to that cruelty whose justification we reject."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Chanting their though [it] were a religion, they're cheerfully justifying their journey toward self-destruction."
-Heihachi Mishima, Tekken

"Apparently people understand the concept of democracy but not the concept of freedom."
- konami

So, if certain sources stand up to credibility, the War in Iraq is "not about the oil, stupid!"

They may claim that higher motives power the military manoeuvres, chief amongst them being the "moral obligation" to liberate Iraq by removing dictatorship and "installing democracy" in the region.

Leaving aside the question of whether or not such is the true driving force behind things, I still have to ask: "Democracy is a better motive than oil, HOW!?!"

Oh how Western culture lauds the Deus of Democracy! All bow down and venerate the inherent rationality of the rabble! Nietzsche erred when he asserted that "God is dead - and we have killed him"; in truth, the bugger lies dormant, reincarnating himself every so often at the new churches otherwise known as polling stations.

"Vox populi, vox dei" as the ancients would say....

"Aww, look at the widdle Iwaqis wiv their votie-woties," coo the media pundits with clasped hands, so convinced that the ballot box ruptures all regimes....

....of course the more perceptive surveyor of events remains ever-aware that "democracy is the freedom to elect one's own dictators".

When this post-Christian Gospel isn't being evangelized overseas, it bombards us from every angle on our own doorstep. Come election time you'll get leaflets through your letterbox, party political broadcasts by the various social control candidates and street-level evangelism from your local social control representatives. Everyone gets caught up in their fervour, trading words with their wife, dog and neighbour as to which Party is the One True Party.

All, or at least the Great Majority, agree on one thing though - vote or die, motherfucker!

This year and the last gave this fanaticism a chance to fly with wide open wings. The 2004 Elections in the States saw the populace presented with two far-from-ideal main candidates, all the while implored by various minimal-merit entertainers to indeed, Vote or Die (TM); never mind that none of the candidates may meet your requirements - just use your vote, nigga! Never mind that the fucking icons for the VOD campaign probably fall below Captain Caveman in political acumen - you gotta give props to your government, yo! And of course it mattered little that most the targeted audience - MTV brats - lacked the information and inclination to make an informed choice - just get as many bods as possible into the polling station, beeyatch!

Televangelists for the MTV, lizard-brain generation - represent!

Here in the UK, I and everyone else owning a TV endured an insipid advert telling us : "If you don't do politics there's not much you do do". Looking back on it, that campaign had the distinct whiff of the religious fundamentalist about it; if someone put out an advert saying "if you don't believe in religious morality, you believe in nothing" they'd be quite rightly shot down, yet how everyone baahs and moos in agreement when the sphere shifts to politics. These days, I end up shaking my head at those who would shoot down religious dogmatism with one breath, only to chant "Demokratis or Death!" or "If you don't vote you've no right to complain!" with their next.

Of course, I could have it a lot worse - better Britain than Australia in such politically rapturous climate. Democracy flourishes in fullness Down Under, what with the populace being compelled to vote by law; imagine a theocracy where you must choose between Christianity and Islam at gunpoint, and you're not far off point.....

Still, in the havens for democracy which have yet to follow through to that (il)logical conclusion, there exists a vote-for-voting's sake mentality which esteems the uninformed voter above the concerned, informed, yet disgusted abstinent. It strikes me as an ignorant and disdainful attitude, awakening memories of my JW Dad telling me many moons ago how the unethical believer trumps the ethical non-believer in terms of Divine favour. As an example, I cite the gamut of viewpoints, expressed on various message boards prior to this year's UK General Election, branding that all those who abstain from the voting process as apathetics - the incarnate Devils of the political universe. Beyond being a sweeping and inaccurate generalization, such a view lets the irresponsible voter completely off the hook.

Yes, Voter X is as thick as pigshit and only votes because his mum or his mates voted for the same party - still, the poor dear votes and is thus a Good Christi....sorry, Citizen! Surely the spirit of Democracy lives in him, no? That's all that counts!

Ah, yes the sweet spirit of Democracy - the State-given right of the masses to elect their own despots must be fought for, safeguarded and exercised at all costs! Many say voting gives you a chance to decide your future: I say voting gives your chosen someone a chance to decide your future for you! A vote for this candidate or that proves itself a vote for a package-deal rather than an ideal. I cite my own experience as an example this time; I voted for the Veritas party in this year's General Election, because I agreed with many of their (libertarian-leaning) domestic policies; however, looking back on it, I thought that many of their (more conservative) policies concerning immigration and certain foreign nationals fucking stunk, so I'm kinda glad Kilroy and Co. failed in their bid for prominence and power....

From a MRDA perspective, Veritas seemed the best of a shitty bunch at the time; nowttheless, there still exists the niggling thought that I voted for a party who, for all their good points, espoused policies I abhor!

Thus that experience and an overview of the political climate leads me to question getting involved in this jousting of jackals called Democracy - after all, what business has an atheist praying before a pulpit? In the absence of a "None of the Above" or a "You All Suck Dick!" option on ballot papers, abstention seems like the sensible option for those who have no time for Political Pundits who cry: "Please, pretty please let me run your life for you - I'll be your best friend!"

Alas, withdrawal in disgust is viewed in the same light as apathy by the lazy of mind, as they look down smugly and "virtuously" on the unbelievers from their Party Pulpits....

....for Today's political abstinent finds himself cast in the same devilish light as Yesterday's atheist....

Tags: civil liberties, politics, religion, slave morality

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