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Disgusting and Contemptuous!! The Self-Medicated Disease of Negative Identity Politics!

I read a phrase the other day.....

"to be oppressed is the essence of being a woman"

....and sighed out an "Oh, for fuck's sake!" once again.

It reminded me of something I heard somewhere along the way (probably on a rap CD) saying a similar thing in regard to black people.

More of a reason for me to hate "identity politics"!

Honestly, those relegated to the bottom rung of the caste system in India actually refer to themselves as Dalit which translates as the downtrodden, the pushed under, the ones held under check!

I'll laugh my arse off if ever I see the term "Dalit Pride" employed.....

I mean, why the fuck would you want your weakness or the negativities heaped upon you by others to define you above all else?

You might as well tattoo "nigger", or "kike", or "gimp", or "cum dumpster", or "faggot" - or whatever negative epithet(s) can find use against you - on your forehead in big, bold letters!

Taken further, this line of thinking can lead toward the sanctioning and perpetration of the worst behaviours in the name of "justice"....

....however, it seems the logical outcome of adopting the wounds of victimized along with valuations and methods of the victimizers.

If you want an eternal, pat on the head coupled with a "there, there"; want the outside world to concur with your self-conceived "essence" of inferiority; want to become some "selfless" champagne demagogue's pet cause of the week, then by all means feel free to shit upon yourself and all those who share your chosen biological traits/ ancestral wounds....

.....but I can still hear them-there chains rattling behind you with your every step.....

Tags: politics, pride, racism, self-respect, slave morality, stupidity

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