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Sanctioning the Era of Death - the "We...." Disease!!

So on BBC1's This Week program, a Muslim mother came onto the programme to argue against the tarring of all those of her creed as fanatical, frothing-at-the mouth suicide bombers....

...all well and good...

...but she herself falls victim to the same plague she spots in others....

....let's call it the "We..." Disease.

Yes, not all Muslims strap themselves with Semtex and blow landmarks off the maps; not all Muslims think adultery by a member of a certain gender warrants a stoning; not all Muslims carry around bullshit concepts of honour that demand young blood for their sating; and, yes, not all Muslims would suck Bin Laden's cock even if it was Halal. In fact if you accused any one of my Muslim colleagues at work of these things, they'd laugh at you and quite appropriately call you out for acting the fucking idiot....

...but saying "Islam means peace" or "Muslims are peaceful" or "We believe in X or X" gives as much of an unbiased view as the stereotype cited in my first line.

What do you catalyse when you say: "WE / my people/ my group are X" ....and then members of your group turn around and act in a counter-X way?

A backlash along the lines of: "That hijab-wearing bitch lied to us - tried to lull us into a false sense of security so that they could STRIKE! They're all in on it...."

(Actually that sounds a little too highbrow for the "intellects" I envision uttering it....oh well!)

And the wheel of woes spins yet another revolution, crushing more of the undeserving under its weight.

The problem with group apologists and group extremists?

It's all we, we, WE!

Tags: double standards, musings, news, politics, religion, slave morality, stupidity

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